What is Sibelius Summer Academy?

Sibelius Summer Academy is a summer study program offered by the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki in Finland. It offers young talents a chance to work and perform together with world-class teachers, artists and other students in an encouraging and inspiring international environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Sibelius Summer Academy is supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and the Wihuri Foundation.



null Tenor Paul Bentley-Angell: Serving the bigger picture

Australian tenor Paul Bentley-Angell is a member of Theatre of Voices vocal ensemble. Next August he will come to Finland to teach at the Sibelius Summer Academy.

A big turning point in his career was emigration from Australia to Europe in 2010.


"I ventured to Europe to further my studies and to make a new start as a performer. In the beginning I attended countless auditions in the hope of finding some ensemble singing work. I was fortunate enough to find success with a number of music directors – one of whom was Paul Hillier, Artistic Director of Theatre of Voices."

"Thanks to these key auditions I’ve had the privilege of performing in some of the world’s most prestigious festivals, halls, churches and concert venues."


Bentley-Angell thinks that music is most enjoyable when it’s made in an ensemble. He played the cello for many years and performed with orchestras, but it didn’t compare to working in a cappella vocal ensembles.


"There is an immediate humanity to the singing voice. The fascination of ensemble singing for me comes when different singers are working together towards one common goal, serving the music and the ‘bigger picture’, while still maintaining their own personal technique and artistry. When it’s done well the whole becomes far greater than the sum of its parts."


Bentley-Angell is looking forward to working with the singers at the Sibelius Summer Academy.


"I think we’ll have a great variety of repertoire to look at, and I’m hoping to work a lot on the ‘bigger picture’. Ensemble singing is all about cooperation and teamwork, and I hope to be able to encourage these ideas with the students!"


Theatre of Voices: Concluding concert, Music Centre, Sat 24 Aug at 17.00