What is Sibelius Summer Academy?

Sibelius Summer Academy is a summer study program offered by the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki in Finland. It gives young talents a chance to work and perform together with world-class teachers, artists and other students in an encouraging and inspiring international environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Sibelius Summer Academy is supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and the Wihuri Foundation.



null Jukka Harju's horn class presents their music video Superhuman

Greetings from the Sibelius Academy horn students of Jukka Harju! In celebration of this year's Sibelius Summer Academy, they want to remind us all that we are superhuman. Enjoy the empowering piece by our students!

Composer: Saga Söderström
Lyrics: Saga Söderström, Mari Tirkkonen
Arrangement: Paula Ernesaks, Jukka Harju, Pyry Kannisto, Saga Söderström
Artistic producers: Saga Söderström, Eriika Ketara
Mixing: Eriika Ketara Mastering: Jaakko Viitalähde
Executive producer: Inari Moilanen Director and DoP: Jukka Harju
Edit: Mari Tirkkonen
Assistant Director: Inari Moilanen Grip: Pyry Kannisto
Script Supervisor: Mari Tirkkonen
Vocals: Saga Söderström
Horns: Paula Ernesaks, Jukka Harju, Pyry Kannisto, Inari Moilanen, Matias Parikka, Marian Strandenius, Saga Söderström, Mari Tirkkonen, Mauro Vartiainen
Script: Jukka Harju's Horn Class