null Lidia Varbanova: "Arts, culture and creativity keep us inspired in this period of isolation"

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the lectures of the Arts Management at Sibelius Summer Academy course in August will be offered remotely on a digital platform. Read what Dr. Lidia Varbanova (Canada / Bulgaria) thinks about the current situation and how it relates to entrepreneurship and digitalization in the field of arts.

Arts, culture and creativity are needed during the period of isolation

"The unprecedented situation we are currently facing, proves again that arts, culture and creativity are the one to keep us fresh and inspired in this period of isolation. Global audiences consume arts and culture online as never before - streaming concerts and theatre productions, watching films, reading books, having access to open collections of museums and galleries. Artists and cultural organisations generously provide open access to their creative products which cost so much efforts, years of work, and a lot of talent. International audiences and stakeholders have to be motivated to support the arts through innovative means and tools.

The digital dimension of our entrepreneurial practice is now more important than ever

"Entrepreneurship in the arts is about thinking and acting in an innovative way that makes our creative projects and organisations sustainable, brings partners and audiences, and fulfills our long-term vision. It is about positioning our creative idea into the constantly changing external environment and mitigating the risks as much as possible. Digital dimensions in our entrepreneurial practice are more important now than ever before - in the creative process, in the dissemination and promotion of our creative products, in the fundraising for a startup, and in almost all dimensions of the entrepreneurial process.” 

Join us on Wednesday, August 12th for Dr. Varbanova’s lecture!

"Join the day to share and learn about innovative digital methods and practices for hatching an innovative idea and transforming it into a sustainable business or social enterprise by engaging and motivating!


Four days international course of lectures, practical work and discussions

The Arts Management at Sibelius Summer Academy, organised online on August 11th to 14th 2020, is an international summer course covering four different thematic fields, presenting the current issues in these fields. The program is planned in order to increase participant's knowledge and skills on how to link art and entrepreneurship and to emphasise the importance of cooperation and networking in the art field. Application period ends on June 2nd.

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