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null Sibelius Academy woodwind week is in the heart of internationalization

The first ever Sibelius Summer Academy course with woodwinds and almost a 100 Finnish and international students begun today with full force. Visitors from top institutions bring their knowledge forward for an entire week and join forces not only in the classrooms but also on the concert stages.

The lessons begun today at 10 o’clock in the morning and kept flowing throughout the day and our three student tutors Iines Kiuru, Astrid Lagg and Hilla Mäkinen also took the participants for a picnic lunch.

Also the first student matinée of the week was organised in the Helsinki Music Centre café with wonderful music by Saariaho, Tomasi and Telemann – and we could honestly say, we really had a full house of enthusiastic audience!


The teachers, administrative staff and students gathered together for an opening event to begin a whole week of woodwind celebration. The first day was full of fruitful encounters and vivid discussions - exitement at its best!